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anah marie.'s Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
anah marie.

i had all but given up on findin' the one, that i could fall into, the day before you. i was ready to settle for, less than love & not much more. there was no such thing as a dream come true. oh, but that was on the day before you. now you're here, & everything's changin'. suddenly life means so much. i can't wait, to wake up tomorrow, & find out this promise is true. i will never have to go back to the day before you.

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[02/02/2005 @ 02:40PM]
moved back to my EA, anahbell. so add me there!
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[02/01/2005 @ 12:27AM]
i need a paid account in a terrible, terrible way.
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[12/22/2004 @ 10:52AM]
okay man, this is a free account & it's makin' me MAD, so add me back @ boychaser?! haha. sorry for the inconvienience.
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quick update! [12/22/2004 @ 10:46AM]
so last night, i got a cable modem & now everything is much faster, which is good. I downloaded soul plane. FUNNY ASS MOVIE let me tell you. Only like, 16 or something people added me from my old name? hey atleast i know who looooves me, right?

i need to get my extensions tightened soon. the hair's falling out & ew. well, i don't really have much to say right now, but i love ya'll so much, & all of you in school, have a good xmas vaca!
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[12/20/2004 @ 04:28PM]
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